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Choosing the Best VoIP Phone System for Your Company

You’re thrilled about VoIP. You can’t wait for the good things that come with the use of a VoIP phone system. But before you create a budget and selecting that perfect system, there are a few questions you should consider.

What works for your kind of business?

Developments in IP communications have provided for a wholly working phone system hosted by your service provider, otherwise known as Hosted VoIP, on top of a phone system that is premise-based. Generally, if your phone system is meant for over 25 users, an onsite solution should be your best choice. But for less than 25 users, you have to consider hosted as well as premise-based solutions.
Learning The Secrets About Options

Why are searching for a new phone system?
A Beginners Guide To Telephones

Truth be told, almost all VoIP phone systems are highly similar. The only difference they have is the manner in which they are marketed. That’s why why you need to know terms like, voicemail, auto-attendant, find-me-follow me, voicemail-to-email etc. List down all the things that you actually need from your new system, aside from those that would be “nice to have” or the optionals.

Can your phone system be combined with other business systems?

One of those tempting benefits you may have heard about is a VoIP phone system’s to work well with other business systems, such as your ERP or CRM platform. A few systems offer API’s for integration with specific software, but other phone systems are not as flexible. You need to know the business systems that entail integration with your new VoIP system before you speak to a vendor, and ask about integration as you are presented with a solution.

Who is going to provide your voice service?

Avoid buying a phone system if you’re still unsure who your phone service provider will be. If you intend to use VoIP, make it a point that your VoIP provider and your phone system will be compatible. If you will be using both VoIP and PSTN service, your phone system vendor should be aware of this so that the proper solution may be offered to you.

What is the total amount you need to pay for ownership?

Everyone is saying you can save money with VoIP, but how true is that? You must know how much owning a VoIP phone system would cost you. If you decide exclusively on price, you will have a problem: more scalable and generally reliable systems often cost higher up front. The long-term savings, however, will make your investment worthwhile. As your company expands, you’d like to be able to add users to your system so you have to know how easy or difficult it is to upgrade the system and accommodate new features and technologies.

What are your users looking for?

Finally, even if “users” is way down your list of priorities, this remains very important. Each employee or type of employee have their own needs that you have to satisfy. Before you buy a system, ask them first what abilities would like a phone system to have. This enables you to align a particular system’s advantages and their needs.

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