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Brighten-up Your Office Using These 6 Ways

Why is it that clients for workplace design are less likely to entertain new ideas for their offices compared to those clients for residential designs?

The reason for this might be that there are many designs that really fit office spaces. There are so many things that could be done to improve commercial spaces’ design but clients are usually unaware of it because they are much more familiar with homer designs. There are six ways to make your offices unique.


You should not be frightened of colors! Professionalism is usually linked with colors such as white, grey, and other bland colors. When the design is already set it could always be improved by using colors. Just use colors just like you do at your home.

2. Lights

Adding different kinds of lighting fixtures could add novelty to the office. To add to the decoration to the space you could try to add unusual fixtures. The clinical feel could be removed through these added features. In addition these light and lighting fixtures themselves could serve as decorative art. Walls could be designed by strategically places illumination and certain area could also be highlighted.

3. Substance

Paint could be replaced by various unique materials such as wood, class or concrete in decorating you walls.

4. Surprising Forms

Unexpected shapes could make spaces noteworthy and unique. Carpets, bulkheads, ceilings, and painted surfaces could be used to place curves.

5. Dividers for Spaces

Open spaces could feel uninviting so space dividers could be used to make them more appealing and they come in many shapes and sizes. With this one should get to know that the screen and glass are used to have a perception of an open space and that it should be utilized properly. Different types of space dividers are used for different reason, for solid dividers they are used for more separation, on the other hand transparent ones are employed to keep the open and light atmosphere of an open space while subtly dividing spaces.

6. Glass and Acrylic

In commercial spaces anything shiny or bright is considered somewhat of the jewelry for the place. Glass and acrylic could provide many interesting pieces for the commercial spaces such as smooth surfaces, partitions, texture, color pops on wall, and many more. The aesthetic quality of the space could be improved by glass in inlaid material like bubbles, metals, and other natural particles.

You need to have the ideas in mind before you plan your design. Having a beautiful company with its own character can help your company outshine other, so you should keep these things in mind when you brainstorming with your interior designer.
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