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What Are The Responsibilities Of French Bulldog Breeders?

With the increasing demands of people for French Bulldog, it has seen tons of unscrupulous dealers to surface. These people are actually just looking at these Frenchies as cash milling creatures and not really taking any responsibilities to breed a French Bulldog properly.

French Bulldogs are special breed of dog whether as show dogs or as companions. These dogs require special attention when breeding, during gestation period as well as after they’ve given birth. Responsible breeders know all the rules to breed this kind of dog and will be taking every factor in mind before proceeding to breed.

Frenchies should be screed for different presence of different genes that are accountable for some of their health problems that are observed in this particular breed. The Von-Willerbrand’s disease is one diseases that is screened for, which is causing blood to clot in affected dog, predisposing massive bleeding and even hematomas, small injuries and making the dog a candidate for any kind of surgery.

French bulldogs must not be bred on first heat; after first heat passed, the female could be bred on consecutive heats that come. French bulldog that’s over 5 years must be bred as there’s high risk of complication and that the dog may not carry pregnancy to term.

Say that you only have a female, then you need to source for a stud. What this mean is that, you must look for good candidate that’s right for your pet. There are also costs involved in locating the right stud and having your female bred. The whole process will surely take you some time and being able to identify good stud should be done before your female bulldog is on heat. This way, you will be able to make proper arrangements.

Even though there’s no assurance that female French bulldog will get pregnant, you may unknowingly increase the odds of a successful mating if you’re going to service your female in the right time. You may ask good breeders to recommend when is the best time. The rough estimates can be made by simply counting days from when your female starts to bleed and this period will likely last for the next 9 days and known as pro-estrus or the female French bulldog is preparing to come on heat.

The dog is already in its full estrus when the 9 days have passed and on the 11th day, the ova will be released from the ovary and often, the best time to start on breeding. Not only that, you also need to know how to take care of its pup till the time comes that they could be sold when breeding French bulldog.
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